You're adorable.

This is what I've been waiting for.


Are you using the MasterCard?


I'm sure you understand that.

Ariana Grande is one of the best pop musical artists in the United States.

Don't let them know that.

Do you feel too cold?

A thing like that doesn't upset me.


There are a lot of snakes in this forest.

Has Rajesh already cleaned his room?

Life is a mirror!


Sofoklis is really very smart.


I've never been so happy.

This technology is an incredible thing!

We've got to stop them.

Let's thank Art.

It's strangely quiet here.


Sergeant is walking up the stairs.


Should I perform the Heimlich Maneuver?

I wonder why he did that.

I thought he'd apologize at least, but no.


The Second World War broke out in 1939.


After the accident, they connected him to a lot of machines.

We must continue to study as long as we live.

I'm attracted to Avery.

She cannot take yes for an answer.

Get in the suitcase.

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It's late. You have to go home.

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Did Pravin tell you what to do with all his stuff?


I'm trying to conduct an investigation.


As I will take a vacation anyways, I would prefer to take my vacation in full immediately so that I can have sufficient time to visit all the capitals of Europe.

I want to know what that is.

Hume wasn't happy to see Brian.

She kindly gave me a ride home.

God damn it!

What's the trouble?

One day he was walking along the street.

Why don't you tell me about it?

I just got back from Germany.

I'm looking forward to seeing him.

People that want to do well in their jobs will dress for success.

What's the minimum salary in France?

I don't like your hat.

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Revised deposited three thousand dollars in the bank just before closing time.

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You do not wash.

Everyone is ready.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.


I'll write to you soon.

I feel really good right now.

When we're finished, we can leave.


I have to say no.

Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.

We should get back to work.


His land abuts on the road.

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I heard someone screaming my name.

I need to see him again.

Have you got a lighter?

Vijay has even more books than I do.

Don't rely on his help.


We finally reached the lake.

I'll try to fix it later.

I calculated my BMI and found out my height is 20 centimeters less than ideal!

His parents said that he should go to the university.

Hold him down.

I can do it by myself.

You should eat fruits and vegetables at least three times a day.


Lois just sat there and said nothing.

Does Slartibartfast really want me to leave?

Archie has a face that people immediately trust.


I repeated the word several times for her.

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Who is your Chinese teacher?

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He was found guilty of handling stolen goods.

Mick tried to get Daryl to go to the park with him.

Can you show us how to do that?

There is a storm.

He's in love with another woman.


Traveling by ship gives us great pleasure.

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That's what I do all day.

He dismissed the employee.

She's two years older than I am.

The company earned $300 million on sales of $4,000 million.

You need a boyfriend.


Shut the damned door!

How long has Emily lived in Boston?

I love her, but the feeling is not mutual.


Lenora's stomach growled.

The whole world was involved in the war.

Can you deliver that?

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Brooke rewrote his report.

Shawn seems to be depressed this morning.

I'm no better at cooking than my mother.

Orangutans have been observed using sticks to pry nutritious seeds from prickly.

I read about almond paste containing carcinogens.


I have a question for them.

Rise up, take up thy bed, and walk.

Noam can swim like a fish.

Nobody's that good.

I would like to buy some cheese.

Tyler came to Japan from Australia.

You're right, Clayton.

Gunter is suffering from a bad headache.

Everywhen I see a little flower lively shining so silently in the grass, I muse on all the mistery, beauty, magic and power lacking in me and that only it has...

I don't tolerate incompetence.

One shouldn't injure during the day, the body side on which one will lie at night.

Watch your head!

You can't prove anything.

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That's what we're aiming for.

Jon recommended this novel to them.

Kyle put the letter in his coat pocket.

It's a bargain!

This is a recent development.

The sun has been shining over our country for ages.

There is a dog on the bridge.

Do you want to hear something interesting?

Micah had to go back to the office.


Konstantinos was carrying a duffel bag and a guitar case.

I think you still love her.

Patrice wants desperately to believe that what Andries said is true.

Amsterdam is amazing!

I'm not dead, am I?


The situation has become very volatile.


I burned the paper.

He obtained the job through the good offices of his friend.

I hope that he will succeed.

He backed his car into the garage.

Barrio was secretly in love with Pam.

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Our holiday plans are still in the air.

Kerry isn't really as rich as everyone thinks he is.

Do you want to know why I'm here?

It's great that you've volunteered to help.

If you can't make peace with yourself, how are you going to make peace with anyone else?

Who won the Super Bowl?

Why did you give Ravindran such a hard time?


Come and stay with us in Boston.


"Everything accomplished starts with the dream of it," is a saying we all know to be true.

I'd like to make an appointment for a shampoo and a set.

If you study, you'll become an important person in the future.

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Unique ideas helped him to earn a high income.

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I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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My mother is not a secretary.

She was very angry with me when I forgot the appointment.

I think I can explain this.

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I think it's about time we told Moore that he's adopted.

They couldn't give Christofer a proper burial.

Neil threw his old wallet away.

Is she here?

Get your keys.

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Nobody recognizes me.

When will her wedding be held?

I suppose you want to ask me what I was doing yesterday.


Edmond clearly didn't intend to let that happen.

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Oftentimes things don't happen as we'd imagined them.

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We should get moving.

You don't have to stay to the end.

We're not used to visitors.